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AM & PM Meditation | Essential Upgrade Suite | Online

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AM Meditation | Monday Oct 13, 6:30am HT/11:30am CT | Sunrise in Hawaii

This quick and easy morning meditation gets you started on the right track. Turn on your internal “GPS” system so you are guided throughout the day by your spirit. This method is much more effective than focusing on intentions or goals that you set.  Your spirit is connected to the universal knowledge base that holds infinite possibilities. You will be set at the frequency level to take on a brand new day during this morning meditation.

PM Meditation | Monday Oct 13, 6pm HT/11pm CT | Sunset in Hawaii

An ideal session for bedtime.  This quick and easy meditation will bring you deep relaxation by shedding all the energies accumulated throughout the day. It also downloads frequencies that help you ascend to higher levels throughout the night while protecting your spirit from errant energies that may inhabit in your space. You will rest deeply and wake up refreshed for the day.

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