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Tele-Forum | Adventure & Possible Death Thrills | Online

Wednesday | October 1 | 11:00pm CT /6:00pm HT

This Forum is scheduled at 6pm HT for our Hawaii audience

Mas will discuss his love of adventure!  Why he enjoys pushing the envelope and how it takes him closer to his two near death experiences.

This Hawaii retreat is jam packed with adventure.  Mas loves the out doors and being in nature.  He has said many times that being in exciting situations and pushing the envelope reconnects him to the feeling he had during his near death experience.  As we can see from the plethora of amusement parks filled with roller coasters, most Americans enjoy feeling like they could die at any second. Is there something wrong with us for enjoying "near-death" experiences? What drives us to do this?  Did you once enjoy the thrill of testing limits... letting go and now the thrill is gone and in it's place you just feel out of control and close to crashing whenever you do anything crazy?

Mas will share with us how leaving our comfort zone can help us to be more connected.  This heart to heart in depth discussion will be enlightening and a fresh look at why Mas wants to share these experiences with each of us.  

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