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Coaching Call | All New Total Integration 2015 - Continued... | Online (Free)

Sunday | February 1 | 8:30pm CT

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at him."  David Brinkley

Be equipped with everything you need to use - whatever life throws your way - for your best year yet. Join Mas and Daniel this Sunday (Feb 1) to continue the conversation with MORE information... MORE coaching... MORE moving forward than ever before.    

Daniel and Mas Have joined forces to bring you an All New Total Integration 2015.  

New Affirmations... New Meditations... and New Success!

What is Total Integration?   

AM Motivation – 21 minutes with Daniel Gutierrez in the morning learning practical spirituality (the software that runs you), ingredients of success. 

Get Motivated in the AM: practical life & success coaching by Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel will speak of a specific subject on success and prosperity and fire you up for the day. This part is for your active learning and action-taking. 

PM Activation – 21 minutes with Mas Sajady in the evening participating in a group Medi-Healing (meditation + Healing), infused in the ingredients of success. 

Get Activated in the PM: spiritual & frequency infusion by Mas Sajady
Based on the subject of the day (from the AM call), Mas will work on your frequency level to solidify the learning and activate the code for success and prosperity. This part is for your frequency immersion and effortless manifestation. 

You will be working with two of the most dynamic masters in their respective field. It’s going to be 21 days of rapid healing, introspective meditation and practical lessons in living your life to its fullest. Be free from the weights of the past that have been holding you back for so long.

Relieve Persistent Health Issues

  • Supercharge Finances
  • Heighten Relationships
  • Rise to True Spirituality
  • Enhance Beauty/Anti-Aging
  • Transform Business Efficiency & Profitability
  • Accelerate Success
  • Experience True Joy
  • Live beyond your self-imposed limitations
  • Become who you were truly meant to be 

Mas and Daniel invite you to join them for this free live call - to learn more about the new program and to experience them work together with a few clients - LIVE.  

Daniel and Mas will select several people from the audience to work on during this live coaching call. Please raise your might just be the lucky one and receive a complimentary session! 

Free with registration: Sign Up Here

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