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Group Healing | No Pain, No Gain - No Way! | Online

Group Healing | No Pain, No Gain - No Way!

Wednesday | October 7 | 11:30 AM CT

This Group Healing debunks the belief that you need to “pay to play.”  The principle that suffering is required to achieve success is a rule set that many of us have inherited, and it’s fundamentally untrue – getting what you desire doesn't require misery or pain. In fact, those who reach fulfillment and abundance often say that what they do doesn't feel like work at all;  it actually inspires them in their lives in a way that they couldn’t live without.  In this Group Healing, Mas will help clear us from the hurtful limiting belief of "no pain, no gain.” Stepping into your passion and feeling your true place in the world may take effort, but shouldn't require sacrificing your health, balance, and joy.

Included in the October 21 Day Medi-Heal, Package A or A+B
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