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Tele-forum | Embrace Your Ego | Online (Free)

Wednesday | October 7 | 8pm CT | Free

Tele-forum: Embrace Your Ego

Have you been taught that humility and selflessness are fundamental spiritual virtues? Is it your understanding that only through complete dismissal of your ego can you attain enlightenment? Mas is here to tell you that those antique principles are doing nothing but holding you back from growth, spiritually and all other areas of your life. 

In this inspiring TeleForum, Mas and Francesa will explore:

  • How embracing your ego creates the true paradigm for success.
  • Why you should always live confidently regardless of your situation.
  • Why selflessness ISN’T the best way to serve others.
  • How taking care of yourself FIRST allows you to create happiness for your loved ones.

When you achieve true understanding and appreciation of your own power, you will be able to live the life you deserve and share that abundance with those around you.

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