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Tele-forum | Family Dynamics | Online (Free)

Wednesday | November 4 | 8pm CT | Free

Tele-forum: Family Dynamics

It’s that time of year again… time when we travel near and far to be with the ones we love…with family. We often are told we should go out of our way, make sacrifices and be eternally grateful for all they’ve done for us. Is this correct?

For many, being around family can be arduous and depleting. Around family we often retreat to our insecurities or we revert to a space of powerlessness in the face of our parents and siblings. Generations of patterns and distortions heighten and manipulation escalates.  

So what is so special about families?  Why do spirits choose to come together?  Do we owe anything to our families?  Should we feel appreciative towards them?  Why do so many families harbor resentment and cultivate emotional distress?  And how can we rebuild and restore healthy relationships among our family?

Join Mas and his co-host, Francesca, as they delve into the complicated topic about Family Dynamics. Unveil new ways of thinking about family and what role yours plays in your life so that you can learn to love them from a higher space.

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