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Frequency Clinic | Sinus Issues

The Frequency Clinic

Monday, January 18 at 10pm & 10:30pm Central

For you or on behalf of your loved ones, the Frequency Clinic is designed to target serious and chronic physical and mental ailments.

Frequency Clinic: Nerve Pain
10pm CT, 30min $30 | Click to Register

The effects of nerve pain can be excruciating and unbearable, leaving sufferers feeling hopeless for relief. In this clinic, Mas will work on the underlying frequencies of nerve damage and pain…alleviating symptoms and joining participants with the tools needed to heal.

Frequency Clinic: Sinus Issues
10:30pm CT, 30min $30 | Click to Register

This frequency clinic will address the root causes and symptoms of sinus–related problems including sinusitis and infection. Mas will address the inflammation often related to sinus issues to relieve facial pressure, headache and pain in the throat, teeth and ears.

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