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Group Healing | Connection | Online

Wednesday | December 2 | 11:30 AM CT

Group Healing | Connection

Our sense of connection to others is a fundamental element in our sense of happiness and overall well-being. As social creatures, humans are inherently wired to feel a sense of closeness to each other, however many struggle with a healthy sense of connection as a result of dysfunctional families, relationships or past experiences that hinder the ability to feel open, secure and connected to others.  

In this Group Healing, Mas will clear any blocks that keep you feeling separate and will instill the frequencies of connection as well as the accompanying feelings of security and acceptance that come with healthy strong bonds to others. Enhancing your spiritual frequencies of connection will leave you more transparent, helping you to pull in relationships that no longer feel empty or detached. You will begin to engage with others in a more meaningful way and readily fulfill your longing for closeness and connection. 

Included in the December 21 Day Medi-Heal, Package A+B

Or you may purchase individually ($20 LIVE or $30 for the Replay) | Click Here to Register