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Group Healing (German/English) | Pain Body | Online

Wednesday | Feb 11 | 1:00pm CT

In this Group Healing we will work on opening our awareness to how our pain body works, identifying and working on the main pain body issues of the group.

Our ability to recognize and be strong when our pain bodies get triggered will be enhanced. Working on being in our natural state of being present. The more present you are the less hold your pain body will have on you. You will also gain an insight into how being with people with similar pain bodies can trigger your pain body.

Mas will install the frequency to naturally become more present when your pain body is triggered. As a result, instead of getting drawn into unpleasant emotions, thinking, into lower vibrations or unconsciousness, we will be strengthening our Pure Source connection.  This frequency will allow us to use any challenging situation as something that connects us even more powerful and stronger than before. This enhances our awareness, reducing the effects of our pain bodies.  Use this Group Healing as a wonderful doorway to enjoying life … even more. 

German/English session with Sandy Mey (our German Translator)

$29, 45min, Register: Click Here