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Tele-Forum - 'Spirituality & Sexuality'

Why do some people believe 'spirituality & sexuality' are an oxymoron?
Is it because monks, priests, nuns and many other spiritual people left behind their sexuality in this lifetime to pursue enlightenment?
Do you really have to give up sexuality to achieve spirituality?
This subject has been a hot topic of debate from the beginning of time. There are some that say yes and others that say no. How do you feel about spirituality & sexuality? How much of what you believe was taught to you in your youth and who taught it to you? What was their motivation behind what they taught you?
Mas and Francesca delve into the debate, give some history of why some believe as they do and learn what Mas has learned about Spirituality & Sexuality. Who knows, they might even let you in on a little secret!

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