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Group Healing | Optimism & Joy | Online

Group Healing | Optimism & Joy

Wednesday | June 10 | 11:30 AM CT - Replay Available

Do you find that sometimes your life feels lackluster?  Like things are so difficult or exhausting?  Do you hope for a reprieve, an opening in the clouds to let a little light through?

In this Group Healing, Mas will work to help open your life up to the joy and optimism that is your birthright.  You will feel the warmth and love from Pure Source, and again feel excited about what life has to offer. This healing will connect you to a space of light and tantalizing happiness, helping you to feel hopeful, bright and optimistic as you trust your spirit-guided path.    

Join Mas in this perfectly-timed, comforting medi-healing bringing you to see things in a new light… a light of childlike joy and optimism!

Included in the June 21 Day Medi-Heal Package
No need to register if you are a participant of the June 21-Day

Or you may purchase individually ($20)  Click Here to Register