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Frequency Spa | Heard-Cord Cleansing | Online

Thursday | May 28th | 10pm CT

Heart-Cord Cleansing 

Common emotions/actions created by energy cords:

~ Feel ‘stuck’ yet feel powerless to ‘break free’
~ Repeat unhealthy patterns with eyes wide open
~ Dwell in the past, contemplate reconciliation
~ Give up on love, bitter with anger, regret, guilt, etc..
~ Unwilling to move on, unable to trust, give/receive, etc…
~ Feel damaged, worthless, hopeless or desperate, etc…

The dysfunctional entanglement of a relationship rarely dissolves with the physical ending of the romance - a cord of energetic attachment formed between two lovers lives on in your heart space, negatively affecting your subconscious mind long after the physical separation, sometime even through life times.

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