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Mas in Seattle | Sessions + Seminar

Thu | June 11, 4pm - 6pm PT

In-Person Sessions SOLD-OUT

Thu | June 11, 8pm - 10pm PT

Seminar | Can This Man Change Your Life in 30min or Less?

A journey of two near deaths, gifted Mas extraordinary healing abilities & profound spiritual knowledge...all for A Mission to Serve - YOU! 

Healing Abilities: At the risk of being called ‘Playing God’, Mas bypasses conventional protocols with his ‘admin privileges’ and edits your blueprint at the core frequency level for effortless transformations in all areas of life - physical, spiritual, financial, relationships, etc... with rapid, tangible and documented results.

Spiritual Knowledge: During his profound 3am meditations after the second NDE, Mas was downloaded with volumes of highly advanced spiritual Truth. With direct guidance from Pure Source, Mas acquired the depth of understanding and accepted the responsibility - teaching and awakening the world with the power of Truth.

There is No ‘Chance Meeting’. If something is stirring within you then come meet Mas and discover the truth about...YOU!

Location: Seattle Unity Church
200 Eighth Ave. N., Seattle, WA. 98109


Attend in-person: $20 
Attend remotely: $20