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Group Healing | Releasing Expectations

Group Healing | Releasing Expectations

Monday | July 13 | 11 AM CT

Expectations fill each moment of our lives. We go through each day wanting certain results from the smallest of tasks to our loftiest goals. Expectations placed on us by our family, our friends, & our jobs cloud the decisions we make and contribute to the emotions attached to our life experience.  In addition to contributing to anxiety and depression, expectations can get in the way of us being guided through life to our highest potential.

In this group healing Mas will help us to let go of expectations, bringing us to a state of neutrality that is the realm of all possibility. It is from this state that we become free to walk effortlessly into an abundance that is beyond what we can imagine. 

Through this healing we will learn to embrace each present moment without being tied to conditions, to savor all experiences without judgment, and to open ourselves to the endless possibilities that await us. 

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