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Group Healing | Family Clearing

Group Healing | Family Clearing

Wednesday | August 19 | 11:30 AM CT

Family. We all have one. Some of us adore our family members while others feel suffocated by them. Whether your family offers a welcomed friendship or their role is damaging, family does not define or control you. If you feel burdened, your heart feels heavy, or you struggle to alleviate continued patterns in your life, you may be carrying around family distortions that do not belong to you.  

In this Group Healing, Mas will detach you from your family ties, clearing family lineages and frequencies that are not yours and may be generations deep or have accumulated from many lifetimes. This healing will help break family contracts that will otherwise be passed on from generation to generation. He will help remove spirits of dead loved ones or those about to transition who may be holding on to you.  Mas will also extract any family who have integrated with you, controlling you and encroaching on your spirit. Whether you are desperate to rid yourself of your stifling family members or you tenderly love your relatives, breaking free from the frequencies and deep patterns of your bloodline will reveal the true YOU, free to honor your spirit's uniqueness with clarity.

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