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Group Healing | Entity Removal

Group Healing | Entity Removal

Monday | August 24 | 9PM CT

Do you have the sense that you are not alone? Can you feel another presence physically, emotionally or spiritually other than your own? 
Entities of lower frequencies exist in our world, entangling into our spirits. Their power over you may debilitating. They may torment you or direct your life in ways that don't allow you to be your truest self.   
Whether you are suspicious of their presence or desperate to remove them from your life, in this healing, Mas will clear these foreign entities from your spirit. He will instill a filter so that you are protected from other life-forms seeking to control you or attach to you. 
Without their dark presence, your spirit will feel lighter, brighter and free of the distorted powers of these entities.  Your higher spirit will emerge as you walk forward in your life, secure that you are connected to the protective frequencies of Pure Source.

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