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Group Healing | Breaking Through Your Financial Ceiling PART 2 | Online

Breaking Through Your Financial Ceiling PART 2

Wednesday, September 30th, 11:30am CT

Do you always feel that just when you are about to cross a threshold into a new financial foray, something keeps you back?  Maybe you teeter on the poverty line, always striving to break free of past cycles; yet stability slips through your fingers every time. Perhaps you live comfortably, but can’t seem to pull in more substantial success and abundance? It’s as if you keep hitting a ceiling that won’t let you go any higher on the monetary ladder. 

Hold tight as Mas strips away the limiting frequencies of your financial ceiling, launching you into a trajectory that breaks through your financial limitations!  Let the ceiling crash down and allow your financial success to open up to endless possibilities…to an abundance you may never have imagined.

Part 1 - Removing Financial Blocks | $20 | Click for Replay

Part 2 - Instilling Wealth Frequency | $20 | Click to Register