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Group Healing | Living Up to Your Potential

Wednesday | January 27 | 11:30 AM CT

Group Healing | Living Up to Your Potential

Do you feel like you could be more, do more, connect more strongly… do you feel like you have yet to live up to your potential? Do you feel that deep within you, underneath the layers, there is part of you that is hungry to be found? Do you yearn to express the part of you that has so much passion, intellect, drive and rich existence waiting to be uncovered?

Even if you feel that you have tapped into great life success, it’s certain that you have not lived up to your full potential… because your potential is even more than you could ever imagine!

With spiritual awakening and stronger connection to Pure Source, we can remove the restraints of our existence and come into our truer power. We can achieve anything. 

We have the ability to improve our intelligence, financial success, relationships and overall life situation.  In this group healing, Mas will work at a spirit level to help us refine our existing talents and uncover new ones. He will work to reprogram frequencies to expand our aptitude and capabilities in this life so we can become the amazing, unique individual each of us is meant to be. 

Included in the January 21 Day Medi-Heal, Package B

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