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Group Healing | Quieting the Mind | Online

Friday | January 8 | 11:30 AM CT

Group Healing | Quieting the Mind 

Have you ever stopped to listen to the incessant chatter in your mind?  The voice inside your head that narrates your day, sizes up every moment, never stops thinking about the future or reflecting on the past?

The dialogue in our head is a constant diversion from being present.  It transports us to what was or what will be and we end up distracted and unaware of our true existence. When we intertwine with this internal conversation we relinquish the power we have to create and connect in this space, in this moment. 

In this Group Healing, join Mas as he helps clear away the unproductive chit chat and brings quiet and calm to our physical presence, allowing our spirits to come more fully into our body — even outside of meditation.  Relish the peace in your mind as you open up to infinite possibilities.

Included in the January 21 Day Medi-Heal, Package B

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