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Tele-forum | Poised for a Bright Future | Online (Free)

Wednesday | January 27 | 8pm CT | Free

Tele-forum: Poised for a Bright Future

After clearing out the burden of our memories and experiences, we stand pure and perfectly poised for a bright future.  Having removed the layers and piles of debris, we are ready to open up to all of the realities that await us in our journey to awakening.  

Join Mas & his delightful co-host, Francesca, as they help us to embrace all that the future has to offer from a fresh perspective, untainted from the heavy burdens of the past.  Learn what trends lie ahead in the New Year and how we can capture the power of this new beginning!  

This is Part 2 of the 2-part series with the Tele-forum & Frequency Spa: 'Blast AWAY from the Past'

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