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Group Healing | Codependency | Online

Codependency | October 26th
9:00am PST / 11:00am CT

Having a helping hand or a partner who enhances your life is a great gift, but are you able to pull away and live life without them? Codependency can be difficult to recognize because those involved see the relationship as a benefit in their lives.  However, co-dependency fosters a structure where the individuals involved are severely limited by the nature of the relationship.  

Is your need to gain approval from your loved one so strong that you feel hesitant to do anything without reviewing it with them first?  Are your decisions riddled with thoughts of whether they will be accepted by others? Do you have addictions, bad habits, or an immaturity that is allowed by your loved one?  

Or are you on the other side of the relationship and you feel an over-responsibility for the well-being of others? Is your primary role that of a supporter or rescuer? Do you find that your well-being is not prioritized over others in your life because you are always the caretaker?

Co-dependency can be debilitating. It is a perpetuating turn of needs that leaves individuals incomplete and unable to face the demands of everyday life alone with confidence. In this group healing, Mas will help to extract frequencies of co-dependency so that you can disentangle your spirit from that of your loved one.  Both of you will start to come into your own strength and access your full potential.  And if the relationship serves you, you will once again reconnect with the one you love in a healthy, empowering way.

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Included with the October 21 Day SUBLIME Package

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