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Group Healing | Warding Off Witches & Witch Frequencies

Warding Off Witches & Witch Frequencies
October 31 | 9:50pm PT / 11:50pm CT

While witches have been the villain of choice in many fairy tales, witches or witch-like frequencies are very real. There are a myriad of different witch frequencies that impact many of us. Perhaps you've been affected by witches or have been under their spell and didn't realize it. In this group healing, Mas will protect you from and clear any of the following frequencies that may be integrated in your life or those of your loved ones including:

  • A lack of warmth or cold-heartedness that makes it nearly impossible to get close to them
  • The tendency to evoke a sense of distrust and wariness towards them
  • Conniving and manipulative intentions and speech
  • Sly passive aggressiveness and bending of emotions
  • The ability to "take over" or control others actions, feelings or loyalties
  • The power to slowly consume or deplete the spirit of others, leaving them empty and no longer the person they used to be

Join Mas in this medihealing to ward off the witch frequencies in your life so you are guarded from the darkness and the effects of their power.

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