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Group Healing | Bullying | Online

Bullying | October 5th
9:00am PST / 11:00am CT

Do you feel that you are picked on, the subject of unwanted aggressive attention?  Do people treat you poorly, or have you been singled out by one hurtful person who simply will not let you be?  Perhaps your child comes home feeling defeated, embarrassed and fearful of what will come the next day?  Bullying leaves a person feeling helpless and emotionally battered.  It often depletes the victim's self-worth, forcing their spirit to retract into a state of defensive hiding.

In this group healing, Mas will help to edit any frequencies of bullying you or your loved ones may be carrying so that you no longer are a target for bullies.  As these frequencies dissolve, your spirit will emerge revealing its true splendor.

$30 |($20 Early Bird through 9/19) - Click to Register
Included with the October 21 Day SUBLIME Package