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FINAL NIGHT IN LONDON I Evening Talk & Transformation Intensives I In-Person & Remote

Mas' Last Night in London - 8th November 2016


Our Evening Event for Mas' final night in London will be taking place in the beautiful 18th century college building, Regent's Conference Center, set in the heart of Regent's Park, Central London.

The evening begins with a Talk entitled 'Change your Frequency, Change your Life' and is followed by 2 Transformation Intensives - Finances and Relationships.  These Intensives are very popular in the US and this is the first time we are offering them in the UK.


The Evening will take the following format:

Change your Frequency, Change your Life
5:30pm - 6:30pm Europe Central Time

(11:30am - 12:30pm CT)

Have you ever experienced persistent health issues that never seem to shift, no matter what?  Do you long for meaningful relationships and yet find your relationships always go one way?  Do you dream of transforming your finances and yet find that you always have the same amount left at the end of the month?  Do you hunger for Truth or yearn to find out more about how the Universe works?

If so, then come meet Mas Sajady!  A former computer programmer, Mas was "just your regular guy" living a 'normal' life until his second Near Death Experience. Through his triumph over an unusually treacherous journey, Mas returned with intuitive and healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history.

Mas works on the core frequency level to help redesign and reprogram your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and helping manifest abundance in all areas of life. The process deletes core level issues controlling your life that conventional methods fail to reach, thus awakening the individual and helping them to heal themselves.

Although the results are tangible and seemingly miraculous, Mas doesn't heal you – instead he helps you awaken your own abilities to heal yourself and transform your own life.

There is no 'chance meeting'. If something is stirring within you then come meet Mas, feel the frequency and discover the truth about...YOU!


Transformation Intensives
7pm - 10pm Europe Central Time

(1pm - 4pm CT)

Frequency Infusion: Wealth - Pure Source Frequency for transforming Finances, Career & Business Success - 7.00pm - 8.30pm.

Frequency Infusion: Relationships - Pure Source Frequency for transforming Relationships, Love & Sex - 8.30pm - 10pm.

Mas has experienced that Pure Source comes through him with the highest potency whenever he works in a group setting; the larger the group, the more powerful the healing energy. 

These Transformation Intensives are designed to energetically immerse you in a powerful group setting. Mas will help activate the healing process by strengthening your connection with Pure Source as you open to receive and heal in a highly-charged energy field of ever intensifying voltage. Meanwhile, Mas will facilitate the knowledge download to your conscious mind to achieve rapid and lasting transformations. 



In-Person Attendance

Change your Frequency, Change your Life
$15 (MP3 Replay Included) | Register Here or £10 on the door.

FULL EVENT : Change your Frequency, Change your Life + Transformation Intensives
$50 (MP3 Replays Included) | Register Here or £40 on the door.

* SOLD-OUT * FULL EVENT VIP SEATS (FRONT 3 ROWS - UN-NUMBERED) : Change your Frequency, Change your Life + Transformation Intensives
$70 (MP3 Replays Included) | Register Here

Address:  Tuke Hall, Regent's University London, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, London NW1 4NS

Remote Attendance
(Live by Phone, Webcast & Web Call)

Change your Frequency, Change your Life
(9:30am - 12:30pm PT / 11:30am - 12:30pm CT / 5:30pm - 6:30pm Europe Central)
$15 (MP3 Replay available for 80% off) | Register Here

FULL EVENT : Change your Frequency, Change your Life + Transformation Intensives
(9:30am - 2pm PT / 11:30am - 4pm CT / 5:30pm - 10pm Europe Central)
$50 (MP3 Replays available for 80% off) | Register Here