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Group Healing | The Wonder of the Holidays | Online

The Wonder of the Holidays | December 14
9:30am PT / 11:30am CT

The holidays can be a time of delightful joy, warmth and laughter. They can also be a time of stress, obligation and agitation as families reunite. For some, they have become overshadowed by a sense of materialism or commercialization. In this group healing, Mas will instill and enhance the wonder and excitement of the holidays, reinvigorating their true meaning and sparking a sense of wonder of the essence of the season. Whether your feelings of the holidays are those of anticipation or dread, join Mas so that you can:

  • face the impending festivities with ease and delight
  • disconnect from any time distortions anchoring you to the past
  • fortify your inner strength so that you are rooted in peace and light, unaffected by any drama around you
  • reconnect with the pure, innocent pleasure of the holidays
  • welcome in the warmth and connection of family without getting pulled into old patterns and habits
  • create captivating new memories, grounded in pure source light and free from past distortions
  • integrate with the warmth, cheer and wonder of this time of year
  • spring forth from the holidays with an elevated spiritual awareness rather than fall back into distorted energies and dampening patterns

Take a deep breath and listen as Mas washes us in celebratory frequencies so we can feel re-inspired by the magic, connection, festivity and joy of this special time of year.

 $30 |($20 Early Bird through 12/12) - Click to Register
Included with the December 21 Day SUBLIME Package