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Group Healing | Fear of Abandonment

Tuesday | February 23 | 11:30 AM CT

Group Healing | Fear of Abandonment

Reaching far beyond loneliness, abandonment issues, when triggered, can touch our most innate survival fears and insecurities. Because our initial existence is dependent on others, our human desire for connection and closeness can feel like a necessity for survival. But is it?

In this group healing, Mas will enforce our inner knowing of our fundamental completeness as individuals. He will strengthen our sense of calmness and balance in the face of being alone, as well as our confidence that we have everything we need in each moment. This medi-heal will help you to release any fears and sadness associated with abandonment...whether yours or from your family order to pull in meaningful, fulfilling relationships and inner strength and wholeness.

Included in the February 21 Day Medi-Heal, Package B

Or you may purchase individually ($20 till Feb 22) | Register here