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A Midnight Visit | FREE

A Midnight Visit
Reflections on Midnight Mas

Thursday, March 31st |10:15pm CT

Dear Friends and Clients,

Easter night 2016, Mas was pulled into a profound, beautiful silent meditation. He was immediately touched by the intensity and depth of the frequencies that came through in the Midnight Mas and found it to be one of the most powerful meditations to date. There were several moments where Mas was held by the Divine and he took us with him, holding us right by his side.  

Only later did we realize that the physical connection was faulty. We were disheartened to learn this and we deeply apologize for the poor sound quality. However, the serene and loving frequencies came through to you whether you could hear Mas’ voice or not.  

So we are curious… Could you feel the embrace of Pure Source cradle you? Did you melt in the tenderness of Christ Consciousness? Because you were there, enwrapped by these frequencies with Mas. From a small Canadian town in the middle of nowhere, regardless of whether or not the words reached your ears, Mas brought you with him.  

Mas always urges us to go beyond physical limitations to reach higher spiritual ground. Were you able to do this? Were you able to quiet your mind and feel the essence of the meditation and Pure Source? Or did you get angry and annoyed at the phone, internet -- at Mas? Where are you now on your spiritual journey? There is no judgment in this answer. It is only an observation.

The Midnight Mas meditation was precious and distinguished. Because of this it can not be reproduced. Mas was deeply moved by what he felt last night, so he would like to share his insights and journey from the meditation with you. To stand behind our commitment to quality and to thank you for your understanding, we would like to offer this talk to you for FREE.  

Please join us to enrich your mind with the lessons of the Midnight Mas this Thursday, March 31st at 10:15pm Central Time. Then… challenge yourself to go back to the Midnight Mas silent meditation. Break through your need for verbal guidance and join Mas once again in the powerful journey into Christ’s compassion and gentleness.

With sincere hearts,
The Mas Sajady Team

A Midnight Visit | FREE

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Missed the Midnight Mas Call? Don't worry...the beauty, potency of the Midnight Mas call will linger on through the next few days...While the frequencies in the replay are imprinted with the timeless properties of the live call. For full details on the Midnight Mas call and how to access the replay, please click here. 

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