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Group Healing | Drama Junkie | Online

Wednesday | April 13 | 11 AM CT

Group Healing | Drama Junkie

Whether you have someone in your life who is addicted to drama or if you are someone who gets sucked in by it, join Mas in this Group Healing to remove the frequencies of the drama junkie.  In this medi-healing, Mas will help you edit your default setting that is attracting the circumstances of drama and the people that play into them.  He will guide your spirit to develop the discipline and control to stay above the fray rather than letting it overwhelm and rule you. 

With a clear spirit, you will be free of the all-too-familiar concern and panic that has pervaded your existence.  You will begin to attract more awakened, balanced individuals and events in your life as you finally let go of your inner drama junkie and all the ones around you.

Included in the April 21-Day Medi-Healing, Package B - The Sublime

Or you may purchase individually (Early Bird $20 - till April 11) | Register Here