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Group Healing | Releasing the Fear of Judgment | Online

Wednesday | April 20 | 11 AM CT

Group Healing | Releasing the Fear of Judgment

The Fear of Judgment can be paralyzing. So many of us secretly shy away from circumstances that could lead to negative judgment.  We can be uneasy around crowds of people or in our profession, anticipating harsh criticism. Giving too much power or putting too much stock into the praise and adoration we receive, we hunger for affirmation and validation and crumble under scrutiny.  

On the other side of judgment, some of us feel the pull of our own sharp thoughts proliferating our every observation, bringing us into a dark, disdainful space. We seek out individuals who think the same way we do and join in degrading conversations in search for connection and approval.

Judgment can be so powerful...but it no longer has to be. Join Mas in this reconstructive group healing where he debunks the idea that judgment holds any power over us. Feel yourself strengthen as Mas releases your fear of judgment permanently and opens your spirit up to courageous self-knowing and self-love.

Included in the April 21-Day Medi-Healing, Package B - The Sublime

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