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13 Peruvian Nights | Online

Mas will be spending most of June in Peru, joining the team of a non-profit organization, Rainforest Flow, to bring fresh water to the indigenous people of the Amazon.  

Mas is looking forward to meditating in the deep jungle of the Amazon, melting into its magical beauty while reaching higher states with the power of nature. Mas would like to invite you to join him in these meditations. Whilst there will not be modern technology available for him to broadcast the meditation via phone/internet, he will be connecting with your spirit every evening and bringing you into his magical world.    

How does it work: You will be accessing the daily meditation via phone/internet as usual. Mas will record a brand new meditation on his first evening in Peru and email it to the office before entering the jungle. This meditation will be the track you will hear for the 13 evenings when he connects with you live from the jungle. Although you are listening to a recording, the meditations are live and you will most likely feel the energy and the frequency shift. 

Registration: $50 | Click here