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Group Healing | Grief Part 2 | Online

Group Healing | Grief Part 1 & 2

Tuesday, May 31 at 10:30 AM CT & Tuesday, June 7 at 10:00 PM CT

The weight of the darkness that accompanies grief is heavy and damp. It creeps in and pulls us down. We can't seem to shake it off and the feelings of despair and hopelessness caused by the loss of someone we so deeply love consumes our existence. Even if we wanted to move on, sometimes it seems that we cannot let go. The memories dance in our mind and so the reality of that spirit's absence hits hard.  

Grief is a powerful experience. If our emotions are not acknowledged in a healthy way, they can stay with us and slowly distort us. It is beautiful to mourn the loss of a loved one but we must allow and encourage them to go so that their spirit does not entangle with ours. In this two part Group Healing, Mas will work to prepare you to let go of those who have crossed so that they pass into heavenly space, thereby allowing you to intimately feel and appreciate the loving bond you had in a healthy, undistorted way. Mas will then help you accept and embrace your loss so that grief no longer overwhelms you. As Mas helps to remove the frequencies of grief, you'll be able to breathe deeply and freely and celebrate the grace and joy of death when spirits are once again in the absolute love and beauty of Pure Source. 

Included in the June 21-Day Medihealing, Package B - The Sublime. For more information on the 21-Day Medihealing Program, CLICK HERE

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