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Frequency Clinic | Sleep Apnea | Online

The Frequency Clinic

Monday, July 11 at 10:30pm & 11:00pm Central Time

For you or on behalf of your loved ones, the Frequency Clinic is designed to target serious and chronic physical and mental ailments.

Frequency Clinic: Bipolar Disorder | Monday July 11th, 10:30pm CT
$30 - Click to Register

Bipolar disorder or manic depression is characterized by extreme mood swings that can last from days to months and can be extremely taxing on both the sufferer as well as family and loved ones.  The highs or mania can include irritability, impulsiveness, reckless behavior and poor judgement while the lows can include symptoms such as sadness, indifference, lethargy and other traits of depression. In this frequency clinic, Mas will address the frequencies behind this chronic and disruptive mental illness.

Frequency Clinic:  Sleep Apnea | Monday July 11th, 11:00pm CT
$30 - Click to Register

Individuals suffering from sleep apnea experience interrupted breathing during sleep which can last anywhere from 10-20 seconds per episode, causing them to spend more time in shallow levels of sleep. This can result in a host of secondary issues including fatigue, lack of concentration, and even high blood pressure, stroke or congestive heart failure. Join Mas as he restores balanced breathing during sleep, bringing healing, recuperative and uninterrupted rest to those afflicted with this issue.

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