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Frequency Clinic | Panic Attacks | Online


The Frequency Clinic | Monday, September 19th | 10pm

For you or on behalf of your loved ones, the Frequency Clinic is designed to target serious and chronic physical and mental ailments. Each month Mas address 2 of these issues.

Frequency Clinic: Panic Attacks

Monday September 19th, 10pm CT
$30 - Click to register

Unpredictable in nature, panic attacks are characterized by uncomfortable symptoms such as shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, severe anxiety and dizziness. In this frequency clinic, Mas will erase the frequencies behind these terrifying episodes, bringing a sense of confidence, peace and serenity.

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Frequency Clinic:  Fungus

Monday September 19th, 10:30pm CT
$30 - Click to register

This frequency clinic will address all types of fungal disease and infections including athlete's foot, nail fungus, candidiasis, valley fever, swimmer's ear and others. Join Mas as he eradicates harmful fungus, restoring balance and wellbeing to your body and environment.

View the Frequency Clinic Homepage for Replays, Click Here

Later Event: September 19
Frequency Clinic | Fungus | Online