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Group Healing | Obligation | Online

Group Healing | Obligation

Wednesday, September 7 at 11 AM CT

Throughout our lives we are taught by family, friends and society all of the ways in which we are obligated to others. But what is a healthy sense of obligation and to what extent do we owe another person? Are certain behaviors necessary or required as we journey down our life's path? Join Mas in this group healing as he helps us to:

  • Recognize the limits of our responsibility to those around us
  • Acknowledge and honor our boundaries and those of others
  • Release the shackles of unnecessary obligation weighing us down
  • Allow ourselves to let go of unnecessary entanglements
  • Release any associated feelings of guilt, worry and oppression
  • Liberate ourselves from judgments of what constitutes a "good" father, son, mother, daughter, husband, wife, friend, etc.
  • Gain the freedom of choosing our path rather than feeling obliged
  • Have the strength to face other's agitation in the face of changing behaviors and patterns
  • Refrain from unhealthy sacrifice that doesn't serve our true purpose

Through this group healing, receive the gift of freedom as you come into your true self, embracing the ability to fully experience your unique path from a place of presence and choice, guided by a clear spirit unshackled by the expectations and rule sets of the past.

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