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Group Healing | Breaking Habits | Online

Breaking Habits | January 11
9:30am PT / 11:30am CT

We all know how difficult breaking habits can be.  However, take the time to review your life in detail.  Habits may not only be characterized by bad decisions or addictions, but can also be the routines in our lives that keep us from living in the moment, aware and fully present.  We may not realize just how asleep we are each day as we play out actions of regularity.  Join Mas in this ever-important group healing and break free from habits.  

  • Gain awareness of the multitude of habits that comprise our day
  • Bring in effortless dedication to intentional living
  • Assist our spirit in pinpointing routines rooted in past life distortions or family lineage
  • Strengthen our foundation such that we can deeply clear out frequencies of habit permanently
  • Close any spiritual holes or fractures that allow us to slip back into old patterns
  • Help us to identify detox from digression as we remove these distortions
  • Fully relish the freedom and lightness of our new existence, void of unhelpful practices, idiosyncrasies and inclinations

This Group Healing is an efficient springboard to a path rooted in purposeful actions, thought and communication.  As you blossom into this new existence, you will feel the world and your spirit expand into a bright space full of possibility and grace.

 $30 | ($20 Early Bird through 1/9) - Click to Register
Included with the JANUARY 21 Day SUBLIME Package

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