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Carlson Center Clinic, MN - In-Person Healing Sessions

Every few months, as Mas' schedule permits, we offer in-person Industrial-Strength Group Healing sessions (or IGHs) at our Carlson Center Clinic, MN.  This is a rare opportunity to have a session with Mas in-person.

Industrial-Strength Group Healings (IGHs) at Carlson Center are small groups of circa 8 individuals working with Mas for around 30-40 minutes. They are Mas' favorite way of working as they harness the power of the group energy and intent, whilst also providing an opportunity to speak with Mas one-on-one during the session.

As Mas is able to duplicate himself energetically for each person in the group, it feels as though he is working on you for the entire session; and the healing and transformational energies are more powerful in groups as they are super-charged by the Mastermind effect.

The Clinic is based at Carlson Towers in Minnetonka, MN, and appointments cost $150 per person.  Appointments at the Clinic can be booked online via our Appointments' page at: