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SOLD OUT - Mas at the Awaken Fair NYC | In-Person


Penntop Ballrooms - 18th floor
401 Seventh Ave. (bet. 32nd & 33rd)
New York, NY 10001

BOOTH | 10AM - 5PM
Frequency Scans: Remove Blocks & Activate Abundance

*Scheduling is first come first served, and priority will be given to those who have never had an IGH session before.

Industrial-Strength Group Healings (IGH) are small group healings that harness the power of the group energy and intent, while providing an opportunity to speak to Mas one on one during the session. Mas is able to duplicate himself energetically to work on each person in the group for the entire session. The healing and transformative energies are more powerful in groups as they are super-charged by the Mastermind effect.

Cost:  $150 cash or credit card, per person per session
Note:  A 5% processing fee will be added to credit card payments.

Can This Man Empower You to Change Your Life?

Two near death experiences gifted Mas Sajady extraordinary abilities to open any area of your life to total abundance.

This event will be Mas' exciting second visit with Awakening Fair and will be powerfully uplifting. Mas has been likened to many internationally known teachers but to date, no one has quite been able to describe him and the unbelievable transformations he facilitates for individuals at his in-person or online events.

One thing is for certain - no one has ever left a Mas event the same person as they arrived.

Following two near-death experiences, Mas was gifted with the ability to see, access, and "correct" core causes of any person's life challenges. Without having to speak to or even see you at all, Mas is able to identify the real reasons why your life is the way it is and if you so desire, he can help you heal yourself and transform all areas of your life - physical, financial, spiritual, relationships, and more.

There is no 'chance meeting'. If something is stirring within you then join Mas, feel the frequency and discover the truth about Yourself.

This event includes a presentation, demonstration, and guided Medihealing. A Medihealing is a meditation and healing in one to supercharge your life and accelerate your journey to total abundance. Mas created this format to allow faster personal transformation. Each Medihealing is customized to the unique group in attendance.

Although the results are tangible and seemingly unbelievable, Mas doesn't heal you. He helps you awaken your own abilities to heal yourself and transform your own life.

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