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NYC | Exponential Intelligence for Spiritual Advancement | In-Person & Online

NYC | Exponential Intelligence for Spiritual Advancement

Sunday, January 29th, 6 - 10pm ET | New York City

This event is not your typical feel-good spiritual gathering. On the contrary, it may bring discomfort and disillusionment to many as it confronts our distorted spirituality with a non-BS loving honesty. It is for people who are serious about knowing the truth and are ready to advance their spiritual development with maturity, clarity and exponential intelligence.  

The talks will address many rarely-spoken and sensitive subjects that are also often misunderstood. There will be many ah-ha moments and revelations as Mas speaks the truth that resonates with your heart and spirit. In addition to the lecture, there will be many medihealings throughout the evening to instill the knowledge at your frequency level for deep comprehension and integration.   

EI Part One: Spiritual Discernment  
Recognizing Good/Evil in Spiritual Teachers and Teachings  
Conditioning of a Cult & Disconnecting from a Cult    
Dangerous Devotion vs. Healthy Dedication  

EI Part Two: Spiritual Attachment  
The Truth about Spiritual Attraction
The Trouble with Love, Lust and Spirituality
Spirituality & Romance/Sexuality

In-Person Attendance (with 80% off replay): $59 | SOLD-OUT

Remote Attendance (includes replay): $59 | Click to Register

Post-Event Private Oracle Circle (online): See Details below

At Door: $70 (cash or credit card; a 5% processing fee for credit card payments at the door)

Location:  Ripley-Grier Studios | 520 8th Avenue, NY, NY 10018 (on W. 36th St)

Post-Event Private Oracle Circle (Online Only)

An advanced session that takes the teaching/learning to levels only possible with the energy and the depth of a private group. Starting early in the evening, with an open closing time.

The session also includes two individual healings for each participant.

Registration doesn't include regular event ticket.  Available to regular event attendees only. Replay included. Replay is not accessible to the public.

Registration: SOLD-OUT, waiting list available
Remote Session, 13 spots | $350 now, $500 two hours after the event
Registration link is included in the regular event confirmation email (in-person & remote).

Date & Time:  A week after the live event, TBA