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Group Healing - Severing the Binds of Cultural Heritage | Online


Severing the Binds of Cultural Heritage
October 7th | 9am PT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET

Many of us take great pride in our cultural heritage. We cherish the traditions, the stories, and the founding characteristics of our people. But the ties of our culture can be horribly binding and restrictive. Generation after generation, our ancestors have passed down values and relics that intertwine with our spirit. Many of us have felt an inexplicable and unyielding weight pressing down on us our whole life to fulfill unspoken obligations and roles. This oppressive feeling may not be ours at all; it could be the cumulative distortions passed on from our lineage. 

Some lineages expect lives of sacrifice without gratitude or abundance. Others perpetuate a pervasive sense of victimhood while some hand down unshakable ties to dark crafts and witchery. Even seemingly beautiful cultural traditions that honor dead loved ones can keep these spirits looming on earth, prohibiting them from crossing over to the light and distorting the living from living lives that are truly free and of their own. 

Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will sever the ties of your lineage, relieving you from inherited hardship and the weight from lifetimes of density. In this medi-healing you will work in spirit level to clear frequencies of cultural heritage so you can:

  • Be free from shouldering the troubles and limitations of your ancestors
  • Refuse the demands of duty and obligation required by your lineage
  • Decipher ancestral characteristics from your own so that you can work to remove those incongruent with your highest self
  • Take off the lenses of your culture so you can view yourself and the world around you from a true, unfiltered point of view
  • Find strength in and reclaim who you truly are, void of inherent labels and restrictive expectations
  • Come from a higher consciousness that will allow you to see the beauty of your heritage without being distorted by it

Heritage can be a part of our life experience but it does not make us who we are. The spirit that you are is bright and pure and unencumbered by the history and presence of your people. With this group healing, you will be able to sincerely enjoy the gifts of your culture and joyously celebrate the beauty of your lineage.

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 10/5)

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Included with the OCT 21 Day SUBLIME Package