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Group Healing - Control Freak | Online


Control Freak
November 9 | 9am PT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET

Odds are you either are a control freak or you know one. Many people seek to have a handle on every little detail in their life and the people in it. They want things to go their way; they expect others to handle situations the way they would; they want to keep order so they can carefully monitor and direct their desired outcome. This need to maintain control takes a tremendous amount of effort and can lead to a paramount level of frustration, aggravation, and stress. For those in relationships with controlling people, you may find that it’s nearly impossible to do anything right or that you are subconsciously set up to fail by your loved one.

Controlling personalities can be debilitating and limiting to a flexible and spirit-guided life. Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will work in spirit space to edit your frequencies or the frequencies of the control freak in your life so you and they can:

  • Begin to loosen the grip of controlling frequencies that permeate your existence
  • Jettison the deep-seeded need to organize and command every aspect of your life in an unbalanced way
  • Exhale as you welcome the empowering knowledge that it will all work out, even without your involvement
  • Relax as your spirit brings in frequencies of flexibility and adaptability
  • Effortlessly navigate all situations with ease and comfort
  • Enjoy the ability to accept others despite their decisions in life or approach to problem solving
  • Bring in traits of a relaxed and easy-going person without losing your efficacy and productivity
  • Hone the facets of your controlling nature so that you benefit from its tenacity without the imbalance and limitation
  • Release your need to hold onto your ways or your past, even if you cognitively no longer want them
  • Find your spirit able to more quickly reform and transform 
  • Integrate the timeless intuition that our spirits will guide us to what is best, not what our human mind believes is best

Everyone can benefit from this life-changing Group Healing. Being controlling can limit our lives in ways we may never fully understand and slow our spiritual path to awakening. Control freaks and any individual feeling the confines of control, please join Mas and loosen the restrictive frequencies so you can feel the abundance and liberation that accompany a freer life. 

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 11/7)

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