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Group Healing - Resentment | Online


November 22 | 9am PT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET

Of all of the emotions, resentment has been found to be one of the most predictive of a relationship’s downfall. It festers deep within, spreading its toxins and poisoning those harboring it. Resentment can stir thoughts of anger, retaliation and pessimism, laying the groundwork for continued misfortune. Resentment pulls us from the present moment, keeping us trapped in negative thoughts of past hurts and anticipated harm and when ignored, it’s volume can become deafening. Silence the shouts of resentment and join Mas in this liberating group healing where he will work on your spiritual frequencies to:

  • Release the grip of past hurts in order to access the limitless power of the present moment
  • Calm unproductive rumination and restore mental peace and tranquility
  • Discharge unexpressed pain and internalized anger, letting go of disgruntled discontent and blame
  • Become aware of your internal emotional landscape and your divine right to express your individual truth
  • Fortify healthy boundaries and the ability to communicate and enforce them with ease and grace
  • Remove the distorted filter of victimhood and instill a sense of wholeness, completion and contentment
  • Reclaim responsibility for your future path and enter a space of undisturbed empowerment
  • Embrace forgiveness in its truest sense for both yourself and others
  • Acknowledge the gifts and opportunities that lay in waiting, regardless of past hurts or wrongs

Each moment, no matter how painful, holds within it the opportunity to awaken, heal and accept the life of ease and abundance that is your birthright. Unshackle yourself from the heavy chains of resentment, reclaim the right and ability to express your truth and feel the boundless strength, power and freedom that resides within.

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 11/20)

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Included with the NOV 21 Day SUBLIME Package