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Mas Sajady Live | A Divine Atrocity II - San Francisco | In-Person & Online

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A Divine Atrocity II

Saturday, Dec. 16th | 2-5pm PT
Live from San Francisco

Join Mas for the follow-up on Divine Atrocity, An Exposé of Spiritual Misconduct. Mas will be delving deeper with Part 2 in this eye-opening talk dedicated to awakening people to the atrocity that exists in the supposedly pure world of spirituality. Being carried out in the name of the Divine, spiritual misconducts are prevalent in even the most modern and educated societies...yet are rarely recognized or spoken about. 

It's about time to expose spiritual atrocity disguised as divinity. What you don't know can hurt you but the truth can set you free - Your awareness and discernment can instantly eradicate any spiritual atrocity in your personal life, and as a result, positively influence the world around you at large.  

Mas Sajady is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. By registering for this product you agree to our disclaimer. View Full Disclaimer

Online & In-Person
at the Fairmont Nob Hill, San Francisco

In-Person - VIP | Hands-On During Medihealing® (20 Spots Available)
$150 (Replay Included) | Click to Register

In-Person - General
$10 (Replay included) | Click to Register

$20 (Replay included) | Click to Register

Part 1 - Archived MP3
Divine Atrocity I  | Instant MP3 Download
(*Recorded in Denver, Co)