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Frequency Clinic | Nervous System Balance | Online

Frequency Clinic

The Frequency Clinic is designed to target serious and chronic physical and mental ailments for you and your loved ones.

Nervous System Balance
Monday, April 10 | 10:30pm CT

Our nervous system is both complex and critical to the proper mental and physical functioning of the entire human body. Comprised of nerves, neurons and electrical signals, our body's electrical system influences all essential functions such as our senses, movement, fight/flight response, blood pressure, and breathing to name a few. In this important Mas program, the underlying frequencies of the entire nervous system will be restored to harmony and balance, optimizing your physical experience and leading you to a life of greater emotional and physical health and well-being.

$30 | Visit the Frequency Clinic Page for Registration Details


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Motion Sickness
Monday, April 10 | 10pm CT

Motion sickness is a common disruption in the inner ear that can cause an uncomfortable feeling of queasiness, dizziness and vomiting. This distressing ailment often hinders our ability to participate in or fully enjoy many enriching life experiences. Whether you or a loved one suffers from sea, air or car sickness, this frequency clinic will address the spiritual root cause of motion sickness, allowing you to embrace and revel in all that life has to offer.

$30 | Visit the Frequency Clinic Page for Registration Details