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Frequency Spa | The Ultimate Father (2017) | Online

Mas Sajady Program | Frequency Spa

Frequency Spa #53:
The Ultimate Father (2017)

In honor of Father's Day, join Mas for a brand new, upgraded and live Frequency Spa designed to cleanse and rejuvenate our paternal connection, one of the most important relationships in our lives. 

This is the latest version of the 'The Ultimate Father' that was first introduced in 2016 and one of our clients' all-time-favorite Frequency Spa sessions. 

Mas' abilities have since received multiple powerful upgrades. Therefore, a selection of key Frequency Spa sessions are to be fortified annually with the latest frequency upgrade.

Through the experiences of a heartfelt and complex father-son relationship of a large traditional family, Mas has become a wise and loving father to his own six children today,and often shares this fraternal frequency with people in need. This Frequency Spa is dear to his heart and a special treat for you; Mas will guide you into a deep meditative state where he brings in the frequency of the ultimate father for a gentle yet impactful emotional healing.

You might have a void in your heart if you have a father who was or is:

  • Someone you have never met
  • Physically present but emotionally unavailable
  • Physically and/or emotionally abusive
  • Controlling
  • Addicted and/or dysfunctional  
  • Well intentioned but falling short
  • Deficient in any other way, traumatizing you through his actions or lack of action

In this Frequency Spa, Mas will lead you through a process to reunite with your father in a realm of higher clarity and truth. While immersed in frequency of the ultimate father whom you have longed for all your life, you will have the courage and wisdom to reconcile with your father, asking old questions and receiving real answers for the first time. The process will take you behind the scenes of your troubled stories to Pure Source, where fast healing and transformation originate.   

Frequency Spa | Registration

The Ultimate Father
Sunday, June 25th 2017
9pm PT / 11pm CT

Regular Price: $39 (on June 15th)

Father's Day Special: $29 (40min) | Details & Registration