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Mas Sajady Live | *Live In-Person Debut* Global Healing | Toronto, Canada

Mas Sajady Live Program | Toronto, Canada

Global Healing | Live In-Person Debut
with Featured Medihealing:
Exponential Intelligence - Know / Heal Yourself

June 4, 3:30-5:00pm ET

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Stephanie Koliviras shares her experience working next to Mas Sajady at the Toronto Green Living Show.

Following the very successful events at the Green Living Show in April 2017, Mas Sajady was immediately invited back to Toronto to share more of his abilities that were gained following his two near death experiences.  

This exciting debut event will be the first time Mas’ facilitates a Live Global Healing session in person.

Live Global Healing:
Using the Power of the Group Mastermind to Propel Forward

Mas invites all to participate in this In-Person Live Global Healing event with the pureness of their hearts, and sincere desires to heal and evolve; personally and globally. This is not an ordinary session. Anyone and anything Mas works with during this event will benefit from the Pure Source frequency, and will be further amplified by the powerful energy generated from the global consciousness.

  •  Those in attendance will receive Pure Source frequencies for themselves.
  • Our connection together will also radiate Pure Source frequencies for Global Healing.
  • Mas will facilitate a Medihealing® on "Exponential Intelligence Know/Heal Yourself" for everyone in attendance, and for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

*** Please email if you would like to be put on a waitlist. 

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