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Group Healing - Fear of Failure | Online


Fear of Failure
July 26th | 9am PT / 11am CT

Failure is often perceived to be undesirable, even shameful. At an early age, many of us were taught that to fail was to disappoint. As a result, we may have learned to tread lightly and proceed cautiously towards our future. As we strive to avoid failure, we inadvertently create a narrow life path that restrains us from vast exploration, broad opportunities, spiritual liberation, and an optimal human experience! 

As Robert F. Kennedy stated, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” We must not fear failure, we must embrace it for to fail is nothing more than to have tried, to have learned, and to have lived. Reclaim the breadth of life that is yours to explore when you join Mas in this vibrational elevation of spirit where he will work to:

  • Unshackle you from the binds of fearing failure
  • Help your spirit to embrace the excitement that accompanies being daring
  • Instill a deep understanding that our worth is not tied to our lack of mistakes nor to the number of our successes
  • Pull in a sense of calm and peace as you approach areas outside of our comfort, knowing that you will come through your experiences stronger and wiser
  • Convert your fear of failure to a practical, inspiring tool that will drive you to optimal performance but not prohibit you from living your life to its fullest
  • Remove the frequencies of fear, so we will clearly see the limitless possibilities that unfold before us

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 7/24)

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