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Group Healing - Accountability | Online

July 5th | 9am PT / 11am CT

Being accountable for our actions is a form of truth and honesty that helps us to find our true spiritual condition. In many cultures today, accountability is skirted and blame and degradation of integrity ensue. Many of us avoid accountability to circumvent our insecurities that rear up when we feel we are in the “wrong”.  However, by worrying about embarrassment or inadequacy, we keep ourselves from fully becoming the bright spirit each of us is meant to be. By having the strength to embrace accountability we unleash the the power of our boundless nature and break through the limiting veil behind which we’ve been hiding.

Should every individual calmly and honorably accept responsibility for our words, actions and decisions we could live each moment in a forceful state of clarity and truth. Join Mas in this Group Healing as he works on your spiritual frequencies to:

  • Give you the strength and lucidity to see and take responsibility for your actions and decisions 
  • Unblock your vision of reality so the circumstantial picture is accurate
  • Instill wisdom to allow you to gather the spiritual significance of all of your life’s moments
  • Accept accountability to free ourselves from a false sense of security and allow us to tap into a true, centered secure-self
  • Have the clarity to know when others are forcing their responsibility onto you and gain the fortitude to refuse this burden
  • Give you the right to proudly own and celebrate your successes
  • Help you to appreciate your mistakes and failures as a critical part of the full human experience
  • Squelch the insecurities that swell and overtake us in moments when we feel shameful or wrong
  • Modify your spiritual programming to require those around you to take responsibility for their action

There is no shame in our actions. We can learn and grow from all that we do; yet it is our responsibility to accept what is ours and to reject what is not. Invite in the frequencies and power of accountability so your life path is one of authenticity and progress.

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 7/3)

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