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Group Healing - Conflict Resolution | Online

Conflict Resolution
August 2nd | 9am PT / 11am CT

In everyone’s life there will be many instances of disagreement and conflict.  What one does to overcome these moments of discord varies greatly.  Being able to address issues with other individuals is a valuable skill, but one not commonly refined.  Without peaceful conflict resolution skills, many individuals find themselves handling the discomfort in unproductive ways: fleeing from altercations, yielding to demands, or becoming overly assertive or combative. At the end of the conflict, you may find yourself feeling beaten down, unheard, or shameful.  In this Group Healing, Mas will work with your spirit to bring in frequencies of effective conflict resolution to help you:

  • Develop a sense of self-knowledge and self-worth so you can work to collaborate with others
  • Hone your ability to identify your thoughts, beliefs and points of view
  • Open your heart and your mind to sincerely hear the thoughts and opinions of others
  • Bring in frequencies of clear communication and the confidence to voice your genuine feelings
  • Help balance your concern for others and for your own wellbeing
  • Rebuild your patience & understanding and neutralize feelings of imbalanced anger and rage
  • Improve your ability to be assertive while exercising empathy for others
  • Build steadfast courage to resist old patterns that lead to suboptimal resolutions or self-betrayal 

Conflict resolution can offer a tremendous opportunity to exercise self-integrity and strength while offering compassion and understanding to others. With frequencies of peaceful and effective conflict resolution you will feel more aligned with your spirit and its higher path. You will no longer fear disagreements or your reaction to them. Moving forward you will find that navigating tumultuous waters will be an adventure that helps to awaken your spirit to its bright and authentic beauty, despite any circumstantial disharmony. 

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 7/31)

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