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September EI MAStery: Careers - Finding Your True Calling (The Lecture)

What is Exponential Intelligence MAStery (EI-MAStery)

Exponential Intelligence MAStery is an advanced monthly lecture building upon the success and the knowledge of our #1 Podcast - Exponential Intelligence (EI).

While the EI Podcast explains the basics on 'the real why on life and how to have it all', EI -MAStery is created to further explore advanced EI concepts that will take you deeper into the Truth that you've been seeking throughout lifetimes.  

Because Mas taps into the knowledge base of the live audience and receives a download of the lecture material that caters to the average comprehension level of the group, to ensure an advanced material download on each live lecture we are inviting only advanced listeners to attend the live EI-MAStery lectures. 

Therefore, the live EI-MAStery lectures are exclusive to the 21-Day participants. All live lectures are free and can NOT be purchased separately if you are enrolled in the current 21-Day. However, the recording will be available for the general public to access and purchase 30 minutes after the live lecture ($30).

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EI MAStery

September Topic: Careers - Finding Your True Calling
Wednesday | September 20th

6PM PT / 8PM CT / 9PM ET

In today’s age, there is tremendous emphasis put on our career.  “What we do” and our identity are often closely intertwined. 

For some, at a young age they had a calling to a predetermined career.  Their urge was powerful and could not be ignored.  For others, they never felt pulled towards a job or position and even as adults cannot decipher what career would make their heart sing. 

As adults, we spend too much of our cherished time in our job for it to only be a means to an end. Our right to 360° of abundance includes a career that is custom fit for our interests and our strengths. Join Mas as he reviews the highly anticipated topic of careers and how to find your true calling.  He’ll answer our questions about work, vocations, and how to identify our spirit-guided passions so we can indulge in a role that allows us to feel secure and empowered. 


Note: EI MAStery calls are lectures. The Medihealing for Careers - Finding Your True Calling can be found on the Group Healing page



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EI MAStery Participation, Access and Registration

Participation: Everyone, including non-21-Day participants, is invited to submit their questions in advance to Mas for the upcoming EI-MAStery lectures. These questions inspire the information revealed as Mas taps into Pure Source. Full participation access & details, click here.

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