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Big Island, Hawai'i | Root Chakra Frequency Support & Upgrade | Online


Mas Sajady Live Events Program

From Big Island, Hawai'i

The Root Chakra Frequency
Support & Upgrade Online Medihealing

Sunday, August 13th
4:30am HI / 7:30am PT / 9:30am CT / 10:30am ET

* A 40 minute intensive Medihealing working with the power of the Big Island's Root Chakra energy.

Root Chakra - Hawaii Island Formed by 5 volcanoes, the Big Island is alive with the red and black energy of the lava it creates. The Root Chakra relates to the earth element, and is the foundation and support system for life. When in balance you feel grounded and secure.

The frequency of the Big Island emits a very transformational energy and this relates strongly to the vibration that can help ground, balance and support us.

Mas has experienced that Pure Source comes through him the strongest whenever he facilitates the Medihealing in a group setting…the larger the group, the more powerful the experience.

‘Turbo-charged’ by the power of the group, Mas instills Pure Source frequencies of the Big Island's Root Chakra to bring energetic structure, support and grounding forces into your life. Once connected to Pure Source, instantaneous transformations may take place in all areas of your life - Health, Wealth, Relationships, & Spirituality

(Online with Replay) $49 | Click to Register